About Adams Bay

About Adams Bay

Adam’s Bay is a family owned business established in 2016, that prides itself in being an independent restaurant, serving the local and surrounding communities.

A friendly and warm environment for both our customers and our staff.

“We strive to serve the best always” and are here to offer an individual eating experience, both in the Take Away and in the restaurant, to all our customers.

Make every customer count. We are proud of what we have achieved here and those that have been part of the growth will continue to achieve even greater success.

Join our adventure it will be a wonderful thing.

Our Vision

For the first and original Adam’s Bay in Gainsborough, to be our Flag ship store, a new brand,that is seen as a template and a school of excellence for the next step; multiple locations. To grow the brand day by day and to keep our adventure moving, becoming intuitive to our customers and innovations in the industry that can better our offer.